My brother and sister-in-law visit Seattle

I was super thrilled to have my brother and sister visit me this weekend in Seattle for the very first time. I cut together a video of some of the highlights of their trip. This was shot using a Canon 60D primarily, with some footage from the Fuji X100 and a couple of shots from my 5D Mark III.

This place is beautiful, man.

Thanks for Helping Us Raise $13,500 for Charity


It's been a few weeks since the FilmAid broadcast and I'm still taken aback by the magnitude of what occurred: /Filmcast listeners donated over $13,500, and directors like Bryan Singer and Jason Reitman decided to join us to help raise awareness for a worthy cause as part of a 10-hour long broadcast. We've already released three parts to this broadcast -- featuring Jon Chu, Rian Johnson, and David Wain -- but there are many more interesting parts to come.

In the meantime,  thanks to all those who participated in some way. Your tweets, donations, and kind words were a constant encouragement that a bunch of film geeks can do good for the world.

Getting Accepted, Then Rejected, from Fresh Air

Interesting reflections from Martha Bayne, whose amazing piece Knocked Over landed her a spot on Terri Gross's Fresh Air...before the interview went disastrously and had to be pulled:

[O]ne key thing that I forgot is that to a large degree, these interviews function as a stand-in for the story itself. So you’re being asked to re-tell the story you already told on paper, for those who don’t know it, rather than have a conversation that builds on the existing information. I remember subconsciously chafing against this at the time, thinking, Why is she asking me these dumb questions? But I blame myself completely for that part.