The Benefits of Daylight Savings Time

Dr. Drang explains why we get more than we lose from Daylight Savings Time (via Marco):

I like Daylight Saving Time, and the advantages it brings more than make up for the slight disruption in my schedule. In fact, the most annoying thing to me about the DST changeovers is hearing people complain about them. The “lost hour of sleep” is especially rich. Who are these hothouse flowers who always get exactly the same amount of sleep except for that terrible day in March?

It's Not Worth It

From the NYTimes and the former CFO of Lehman Brothers comes a frightening prospect: throwing your entire being into a specific endeavor, only to realize at the end of it that maybe it wasn't all worth it:

I didn’t have to be on my BlackBerry from my first moment in the morning to my last moment at night. I didn’t have to eat the majority of my meals at my desk. I didn’t have to fly overnight to a meeting in Europe on my birthday. I now believe that I could have made it to a similar place with at least some better version of a personal life. Not without sacrifice — I don’t think I could have “had it all” — but with somewhat more harmony.