From The Atlantic comes this chart indicating what percentage of residents in each state were born there. The conclusion? Most people don't end up leaving their home. For some reason, I'm reminded of the sad words of Stephen Tobolowsky: "If you don't leave, it means you never started."

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  1. That's been on my mind lately. Almost ten years after leaving my home state (Texas), I was recommended for a job teaching media tech at my old high school. Also, I'm discovering how great Austin is for film culture and how many of my friends live there. Comfort and community have their appeals, but I don't want to go back for the very intangible reason that I haven't stopped...starting?

    Anyway, definitely an interesting chart. The states with higher percentages do make sense, somehow. Possibly a combination of local pride and no real reason to move there from the outside.

  2. Is it that they don't end up leaving, or is it that they end up coming back?

  3. Wow, Nevada citizens REALLY don't like living in Nevada.

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