Breaking Bad: Season Four Finale Round-up

Last night's finale of Breaking Bad capped off a remarkable fourth season, which cemented Breaking Bad's place among the pantheon of the greatest television shows in history. Many of the episodes this year could have stood alone as their own short films, with countless cinematic moments that gave me goosebumps for how carefully considered and executed they were.

My weekly ritual has been to read the recaps of Alan Sepinwall, James Poniewozik, Myles McNutt, and Matt Zoller Seitz, and I'd strongly recommend all of them this time around as well. Also, check out Sepinwall's extensive interview with series creator Vince Gilligan, as well as the NYTimes interview with Gilligan. 

We'll be doing our own /Filmcast season review this week. Look forward to it.

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  1. Your friends at the AV Club have started a pretty cool breakdown of season 4 here:,63013/

  2. Thanks for the tip, Dave! I'll collect the links and make a new post about them later.

  3. Any thoughts on THR's Tim Goodman's review of the finale, David?

  4. @Jason:

    Wow, that was tiresome. Tons of time spent self-flagellating for engaging in the recap process. "WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR NEUROSES," I want to tell him. Take the art on its own terms.

  5. @David,

    Do you agree with him that it is your least favorite of the season finales thus far (even though you loved it, obviously)?

  6. @Jason: Not really...they are all so vastly different that they defy comparison. I love them all for different reasons...

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