Group of Friends Wins $129 Million After Buying Lottery Ticket at Porn Shop

CNN reports that a group of friends got lucky when they purchased a winning lottery ticket worth $129 million at a Detroit porn store. A man named Mike Greer claimed the ticket for a group of friends:

At a press conference in Lansing, Michigan, Greer wouldn't answer questions as to who purchased the ticket at Uptown Book Store in Highland Park, or why they were at the store in the first place. "Nobody cares," said Greer.

Good to know that Greer is already making the most of his "fuck you" money in his answers to reporters. Then again, winning $129 million means never having to say "I'm sorry (that I was visiting a porn shop with some work buddies and exchanging cash for goods/services)."

[Side note: I'm really curious about the circumstances behind the purchase of this lottery ticket. Who goes to a porn shop to engage in lottery ticket group-buying? They had to know that it would be one awkward prize to claim.]

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  1. Well, what does an average person say to this? Obviously on a personal level, I feel jealousy, anger, envy and frustration to somebody getting so much money just for that. But on the other hand, it's just as if with all those with no real talent but make it anyway, because of their opportunities, desires and personalities. It's also no different from money wasted, which in /film-style, would probably be the time, money and effort flushed down The Last Airbender.

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