My Top 10 Movies of 2010 (So Far)

A few notes:
  • The primary purpose of this list is just to help organize my thoughts. It's not intended to be taken seriously.
  • The ordering IS currently accurate, with #1 being my favorite film of the year thus far, and so forth.
  • I reserve the right to completely alter the list (including relative orderings) by the time we get to our end-of-year top 10s.
1. Animal Kingdom
2. How To Train Your Dragon
3. Mother
4. Fish Tank (Technically 2009, but i didn't see it until this year)
5. Inception
6. The Kids Are All Right
7. Shutter Island
8. Kick-Ass
9. Toy Story 3
10. Splice

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  1. Holy shit Chen! I've been dying to see Animal Kingdom but can't seem to find a local theatre playing it anywhere. Happy to hear it's good enough to place first on a top ten list.

  2. "Fish Tank" is actually a 2010 release. IMDb it. Release date for US is January of this year.

  3. Mine ::

  4. where is Scott Pilgrim?

  5. Nice choices. I really enjoyed Animal Kingdom - glad I saw it on a whim. Inception rocked. Glad to see Shutter Island getting some love. Have you seen Scott Pilgrim yet? That would definitely make my top ten so far.

  6. 11. The Last Airbender.

  7. Mother quickly rose to the top of my list, but my #1 might still be A Prophet. Have you seen The Good, the Bad, the Weird? I highly recommend it.

  8. Wait, you liked How to Train Your Dragon? I am shocked. /sarcasm.

  9. Man, I am so glad ANIMAL KINGDOM is at the top. Gives me hope...

  10. @Anonymous #2, pretty sure Dave hasn't seen Scott Pilgrim yet, since he didn't go to CC.

    There's a bunch on this list I still need to see. I can't even compose a decent top 10 yet... top 5 is hard.

  11. good choice.
    I personaly cant undertand the hipe behind Inception.

  12. No love for Winter's Bone?

  13. I wouldn't hesitate to dump Kick Ass, Splice or Fish Tank for Winter's Bone, Art of the Steal, and/or The Square (didnt see release in US until 2010).

    Otherwise pretty spot on.

  14. Great list! A lot of movies similar to my own list, but The Square and The Secret in Their Eyes should be there :)

  15. Definitely agree with 1, 3, 4, 5, & 7. Would add Winter's Bone for sure.

    Has anyone seen Mr. Nobody? That's my #1 film so far this year and it will take something cataclysmic to knock it from that spot.

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