Rachel's Terminator Salvation Screening Notes


Like any critic worth his/her salt, I try to take notes during movies, to try to capture my initial reactions to what's going on on screen in an amusing fashion. The other day, I was hanging out with my friend Rachel Mercer (here's her blog and twitter) when I noticed she had an artsy notebook full of dense notes. I started reading some of her writings, taken during a screening of Terminator Salvation and found them pretty amusing. I asked her to share the rest with me, which she did below via e-mail (republished with permission). Note: SPOILERS ahead for Terminator Salvation.

"For the rest of my Terminator film notes that you asked about (copied pretty much verbatim, spelling errors and shorthand included), see below:
- Exterior shots are best. Interesting coloration.
- Inside shots shaky, leaves much to be desired
- seamless helicoptor shot is interesting bit of cinematography
- mushroom cloud incites fear in anyone
- these shots vary btwn compelling and sloppy
- cue hoarse batman voice!
- crawling out of the mud per frankenstein (Robert Deniro)
- action scenes sloppy, rest is relatively tight.
- USB sticks in 2018?
- Anton Yelchin unexpected after recent star trek appearance
- holy shit kids with guns
- Yelchin's performance falls flat
- radio still works?
- Moon Goodblood = hot. Need compelling strong woman per Res. Evil
- "All on the same side"
- convincing kinetic machine like mvmts in fight scenes (Marcus)
- "I'm a little cold" - srsly? Not the best script
- always with the "thank you for saving me back there"
- "I'm not a good guy" BS
- Holocaust-like imagery w/ humans ferried into warehouses
- Interesting faceoff bale vs marcus
- an unexpected machine meets human love story
- above water hydro eels remind me of scene in princess bride
- sloppy cgi
- WTF fake Arnold, that was not expected."